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Conclusions of the Technical Committee of Legal Timber Pact in Colombia

comit%C3%A9%20pacto%201.jpgIn order to check the degree of implementation and compliance status of commitments, was held on December 10 in the city of Bogotá, the Technical Committee of the Pact for Legal Timber in Colombia.

The activity was attended entities as: The Project Positioning Forest  Governance  in Colombia, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS), WWF Colombia, Fedemaderas, ASOCARS, Colfecar, Camara Colombiana of Construction (Camacol), National Police, CARDER, Council Colombian Business for Sustainable Development (CECODES), among others.

Following are the main conclusions of the meeting:

1. Pact Technical Secretariat shall prepare the work plan and the proposed investment by 2013, a document that will be sent to the entities of the Covenant on 17 December, in order to gather comments, and define goals and contributions to the implementation of the Plan.

2. Was defined as necessary to review the rules of operation of the Technical Committee and updated so that future sessions are more effective in this regard it was agreed that the Technical Secretariat shall define the work of the Committee. In addition, there will be two types of sessions: the first ones orientated to the capture of decisions and other technicians where entities will work to reach agreement on the issues that may be required.

3. Accepted the linkage of the Public Establishment (EPA) of Cartagena, so there is a new member of the Covenant.

4. It will provide technical support to Corpoboyacá having interest in Departmental sign the Agreement for Legal Timber.

5. By Fedemaderas´s request was approved for their partners use Compact logo and slogan of the campaign of legal timber

6. Next year we will work on the design and implementation of a campaign on the legality of the wood in the frame of the actions taking place in the Covenant

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Gobernanza Forestal
13 December 2012

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