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Patricia Rodriguez Fortun5 March 2018


LoCAL’s refurbishment links patients to clinic, farmers to market, students to school

Toucountouna is a commune tucked in the north of Benin. It is so far away from Benin’s coastal strip, it takes a whole day’s trip by car to reach it through bumpy roads and potholes. In fact, the closer you get to the northern part of Benin, the less paved roads there are, which poses a great problem when the rainy season ushers in a series of floods.

The commune itself, which sits by the country’s border with Togo and close to Burkina Faso, covers an area of 1600 square kilometers and, as of 2002, had a population of 30,154 people.

In a country comprised of mainly flatlands, Toucountouna lies in the most mountainous region of Benin – the department of Atacora. This allows for the diversification of crops, but makes transportation more rigorous and costly.

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