DEVCO Environment Week 2017

DEVCO Environment Week 2017 took place from 6-10 February 2017 in Brussels. The week comprised two seminars:

1. Thematic Seminar on Environment – “Implementing the Environmental Dimension of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” (6-8 February)

2. Thematic Seminar – "Conservation, Development and Security: Implementing the external dimension of EU biodiversity policies" (9-10 February)

Seminar 1 aimed to inform staff in EU Delegations and the European Commission about key environment related issues and recent policy developments, and promote information exchange on related topics, tools and services for EU development cooperation. It covered environment, biodiversity, wildlife and ecosystems, forests, land and green economy, and was designed for staff (programme officers, focal points, team leaders) in EU delegations and Commission headquarters working on these and related issues; and staff in other sectors to assist them with mainstreaming environment into their work.

Seminar 2 aimed to strengthen collaboration between EC headquarters, Member States, EU Delegations and key experts on wildlife issues. It discussed policy and implementation of key conservation and development issues including the EU’s continental strategic approaches to wildlife conservation, the external dimension of the EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking, engaging with communities to enhance biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, and the wildlife conservation-security nexus.

You can download the seminars' documents and presentations below:


List of participants

Seminar 1 power point presentations

Session 1.1: Sustainable growth to 2030 Agenda

Session 1.2: DEVCO's role in climate action

Session 1.3: DEVCO: The new European Consensus on Development

Session 1.4: DEVCO support services

Session 2.1: Circular Economy Standard Presentation

Session 2.2: GE Session SWITCH To Green Flagship

Session 2.3: Promoting the green economy at country level

Session 3.1: Mainstreaming - DEVCO C2

Session 3.2: Environment and Climate Change Mainstreaming Facility

Session 3.3: Mutemwe success story

Session 3.4: Kaukewitsch success story

Session 4.1: EU FLEGT Action Plan

Session 4.2: FLEGT VPA

Session 4.3: Forests contribution development and climate

Session 4.4: Forest governance in Indonesia

Session 4.5: EU international agenda on Forests

Session 4.6: PIN Forêts RDC - objectifs DD

Session 5.1 B4Life Initiative Facility

Session 5.2: Larger than elephants

Session 5.3: Oceans

Session 5.4: Community Conservancies in Northern Kenya

Session 5.5: Fundación Natura Bolivia

Session 5.6 Indonesia Biodiversity

Session 6.2 Conclusions

Seminar 2 Agenda

Session 1.1: Wildlife Trafficking: scale, nature and the EU policy response

Session 1.2: Illegal wildlife trafficking in Latin America and the Caribbean

Session 2.1: Local communities: first line of defence in combating illegal wildlife trade

Session 2.2: The role of law enforcement monitoring in law enforcement

Session 2.3: tenBoma - a collaborative framework for community and wildlife security

Session 2.4: Reducing illegal wildlife trade in Asia

Session 3.1: Working to secure wildlife and communities and stabilise the transboundary region of South Sudan-DRC-CAR-Chad

Session 3.2: Áreas Protegidas, seguridad y la paz en Colombia

Session 4.1: Conservation and Development: The example of Namibia and the KAZA Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA)

Session 4.2: Forests and public health: food, nutrition and diseases - Why forests matter

Session 4.3 TL2/Lukuru Project: Perspective on Bushmeat and Wildlife Trafficking from central Democratic Republic of Congo

Session 4.4: Linking conservation to development through ecosystem restoration for decision making - cases from Central America and Mexico

Session 6.1: 'Larger than the Amazon' - inputs for an EU strategic approach to wildlife and ecosystems conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean 

Session 6.2: 'Larger than Tigers' - inputs for an EU strategic approach to biodiversity conservation in Asia

Session 6.2a: Summary of continental break-out group discussion on Asia strategy

Session 7: Conservation and political dialogue - development corridors and key habitat areas

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