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9 August 2015 to 28 August 2015
in Oxford (United Kingdom)
Organised byJoint venture: Smith School at Oxford University and the Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP)

The Oxford Adaptation Academy is a residential course that integrates three
learning themes:

-Participants' role as change makers, in their own careers and organisations

-Adaptation as a process linking climate science, vulnerability and decision

-Technical skills in analysing adaptation options and project development

For more information about the course, your stay at Brasenose College and the
fees - contact [1]


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Integrated Natural Resources Management is not new. Yet, putting the concept in practice remains a challenge.

From16 May 2014
in 2611 AX Delft, (Netherlands)
Organised byAfroMaison FP7-AFRICA-2010

Workshops will be given on AfroMaison tools and approaches, including tools
for Spatial planning, tools for choosing and fitting incentives in NRM
strategies, tools for managing and sharing spatial data, and a special
session on participatory planning for INRM with demonstrations on using
WAT-A-Game (Mpan’Game, Uganda), COOPLAN and other participatory planning

From15 May 2014
in 1000 brussels (Belgium)
Organised byAfroMaison FP7-AFRICA-2010

During this event we aim to share lessons learnt among natural resource
management projects in Africa, and encourage further work in this area
through collaboration between institutions in Africa and in Europe. We will
therefore will also welcome the participation of experts, decision makers or
managers both from Africa and the EU.

/Keynotes given by selected experts will provide an update on the ongoing
debate with regard to Natural Resource Management in Africa, these keynotes
will be followed by panel discussions where we will go more in depth, share
findings and insights and plant the seeds for new initiatives and
collaboration to further contribute to putting integrated water resource
management in practice. /

Panel 1)  Implementing INRM in Africa: issues and challenges

Panel 2)  Economic instruments and incentives for INRM

Panel 3)  AFROMAISON session on science-policy interface and research

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