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Empowerment of Women workers in the garment industry in Myanmar

“Striving for living wages” was a common denominator at the project lab of sequa at the European Development Days 2018 titled “Empowerment of Women workers in the garment industry in Myanmar”. Since 2013 sequa runs the SMART Myanmar project which promotes sustainable consumption & production of...
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SWITCH-Africa Green: nouvel appel à propositions

La Commission européenne lance un appel à propositions afin de sélectionner des projets dans le cadre de SWITCH-Africa Green. EUR 15 500 000 ont été alloués à cet appel à propositions. Des subventions allant de EUR 600 000 à 1 200 000 seront allouées afin d'aboutir au résultat suivant: Les Micro,...
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SWITCH-Africa Green: new call for proposals

The European Commission is launching a new call for proposals to select projects under SWITCH Africa Green . EUR 15 500 000 are allocated to this call for proposals. Grants ranging from EUR 600 000 to EUR 1 200 000 will be awarded to deliver the following programme result: MSMEs and business...
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