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The Environment and Climate Change Facilities support DEVCO units C2 and C6 in their missions to promote and implement the environmental dimension of the new sustainable development agenda, across the 17 SDGs. The Facilities are composed of technical experts that provide thematic guidance, technical support, training and communication in the following thematic areas of the Global Public Goods and Challenges thematic programme: environment and climate change; biodiversity, wildlife and ecosystems; forests and green economy.

Technical experts support staff in DEVCO and EU Delegations as well as partner organisations. They are managed by DEVCO units C2 (Environment, Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Wildlife) and C6 (Sustainable Energy and Climate Change).



ECCM - Environment and Climate Change Mainstreaming (C2/C6): Provides training, methodological guidance and other support to DEVCO, EU Delegations and other partners with mainstreaming environment, climate change and biodiversity in development cooperation programmes and projects.


GCCA - Global Climate Change Alliance  (C6) Support Facility: Supports the design and preparation of GCCA+ programmes in-country or remotely, provides ad hoc support to existing programmes and projects, and facilitates dialogue and knowledge sharing.


B4Life - Biodiversity for Life (C2) Technical Assistance Facility: Supports knowledge-sharing and project identification to increase the quality and coherence of programmes and projects targeting ecosystems, biodiversity and climate change, and promote their visibility.


EU FLEGT - Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade Facility (C2): Supports the EU, EU member states and partner countries in implementing the EU FLEGT Action Plan. Provides technical assistance to governments and other stakeholder groups in timber-exporting countries to support the negotiation and implementation of Voluntary Partnership Agreements. (The Facility is co-funded by seven EU member states.)


SWITCH to Green Facility (C2):  Provides technical advice on green economy issues and informs the design of projects to support the capitalisation of knowledge on developing an inclusive green economy in partner countries.


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