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  1. Sector Note: Mainstreaming Environment and Climate Change - Energy

    This sector note has been prepared to complement the European Commission (EC) Guidelines on Integrating the environment and climate change into EU international cooperation and development: Towards sustainable development . It provides specific guidance for actions in the energy sector.
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  2. Green Development News - N°1 - English

    This is the first edition of a joint newsletter on environmental themes (environmental mainstreaming, biodiversity, green economy, forestry, climate change) produced and promoted by members of our capacity4dev group with the aim to raise awareness and enhance cooperation. The newsletter is...
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  3. Green Development News - N°1 - Français

    Ceci est la première édition de la newsletter commune sur des thématiques environnementales (intégration ou mainstreaming environnemental, biodiversité, économie verte, foresterie, changement climatique), produite et promue par les membres de notre groupe capacity4dev et qui a pour but de...
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  4. Marrakech COP22: moving ahead on climate action

    The annual United Nations climate conference in Marrakech, Morocco, started just 3 days after the Paris Agreement on climate change entered into force. The 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP22) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the 12th session of the...
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