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Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the implementation of the Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol Countries affected by the reform of the EU Sugar Regime in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana (2013)

Guyana is a country that has benefited from the provisions of the European Union (EU)/ACP Sugar Protocol, allowing it to export a quota of sugar to the EU market at a guaranteed price. In 2006, the EU Common Organisation of the markets in the sugar sector was reformed. The reform included a significant reduction in the price of sugar (36%) over four years beginning in 2006/07. The European Commission (EC) proposed an assistance scheme to help the Sugar Protocol countries that depend on the EU market to adapt to the new situation.

In the case of Guyana the adaptation strategy is reflected in the National Action Plan on Accompanying Measures for Sugar Protocol Countries Affected by the Reform of the EU Sugar Regime (GNAP) of 2006. The GNAP is being supported by the EU through its Multi-annual Indicative Programme for the Accompanying Measures for Sugar (AMS).

As the implementation of the GNAP may have impacts on the environment, the EC has foreseen to carry out a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to provide recommendations both to the EU and the Government of Guyana (GoG) to enhance the environmental and climate change (adaptation/mitigation) performance of the GNAP.

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Patricia Rodriguez Fortun
19 July 2017

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