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Strategic Environmental Assessment of the sea defences sector policy in Guyana

The Strategic Environmental Assessment describes, identifies and assesses the likely significant impacts and implications of the implementation of the Sea Defence Sector Programme and Sector Policy Framework. In short, this Strategic Environmental Assessment provides:

  • An environmental assessment of the Sea Defence Sector Policy Framework formulation taking into account environmental constraints and opportunities as well as the potential impacts from its implementation
  • Recommendations for the Sector Programme (Budget Support) formulation including Pressure, State and Response performance indicators and accompanying measures to be taken during the implementation of the programme.

The approach combines two phases, a Scoping Phase and the SEA Study. The Scoping Report constitutes the basis for the SEA Study, giving an outline of the scope of the study, required baseline and methodology, as well as the initial plan of work. The SEA Study is placed in its environmental and geographical context of coastal zone management and climate change, and emphasises the link with the water conservancies and drainage and irrigation network.

The SEA Study reviews the current state of the environment as it relates to the sea defence sector. The emphasis is put on the meteorological factors, the main watersheds, the coastal biological diversity, hydrodynamics and sediment budget, the specificity of mangroves and of the marine environment.

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Patricia Rodriguez Fortun
26 November 2018

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