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Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Agriculture sector in Rwanda (2012)

This is the first Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the Agriculture Sector in Rwanda and the product of a mission of 9.5 weeks up to 22/12/2011 by a team of three experts from SAFEGE, Belgium under a contract funded by the European Union (EU) and technically guided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI). The focus of work has been issue oriented and at the strategic level, considering EU 2009 Guidelines for Integration of Environment and Climate Change in Development Cooperation.

Nine key issues were identified for action. In the earlier period of study they were viewed mainly from the perspective of external effect of agriculture upon environment; by the end of the study they were being treated as to how agriculture and its practices could optimise environmental management and resource use, especially within the farm. Section A of the report provides the general context and description of the methodology, Section B analyses the key issues and Section C offers the recommendations to the Government of Rwanda and the European Commission.

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Patricia Rodriguez Fortun
19 July 2017

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