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Building on EU’s Domestic Experience in Inclusive Green Economy – case 2: EU Green Public Procurement (GPP), by the SWITCH to Green facility


The basic concept of GPP relies on having clear, verifiable, justifiable and ambitious environmental criteria for products and services in the public procurement process, based on a life-cycle approach and scientific evidence base. The European Commission and a number of European Union Member States have developed guidance in this area, in the form of national GPP criteria. These rely on data from an evidence base, on existing ecolabel criteria, and on information collected from stakeholders of industry, civil society and Member States. Further to the more than 20 common GPP criteria and accompanying technical reports that have been developed by the Commission, a number of resources have been made available to assist public authorities in the implementation of GPP, such as a Helpdesk, a Handbook, a news alert service and a dedicated website.

The case study highlights

  • the key role GPP, including sustainable procurement initiatives tools and guidance, is playing in the EU’s efforts to become a more resource-efficient economy;
  • how GPP helps stimulate a critical mass of demand for more sustainable goods and services, thus being a strong stimulus for eco-innovation and circular economy.

It provides complete information on the implementation of GPP in the EU and the replication potential outside the EU.

Relevant resources, documents, multimedia publications and links are available at


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18 June 2019

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