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  1. Implementing SDG 12 in the Mediterranean

    A series of factsheets illustrate progress made to develop and implement National Action Plans on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). Country cases from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia summarize policy objectives, programmes and priority areas to accelerate...
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  2. #EUBeachCleanUp: Our ocean starts with you!

    Make a difference this year and be a part of the 2020 edition of the #EUBeachCleanUp! Oceans were already heavily affected before - but with Covid waste added - our oceans are suffering even more from the impact of human waste, and specifically plastics. With already a minimum of 8 million tons per...
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  3. Green Development News #14

    We invite you to read the 14th edition of Green Development News . In this issue, you will find the EU’s strategy to ensure a green recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, including the Biodiversity and Farm to Fork strategies, the forest partnerships, the Circular Economy Action Plan, among other...
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  4. How Africa urban planning can fix problems?

    For African cities to prosper, they first need to make plans that address congestion and urban sprawl. When an urban population spreads out, this compounds the challenge of weak infrastructure. It makes it harder to provide good services such as water and sanitation. Education and health care are...
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  5. Green recovery remains high on the agenda

    The Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) presents a COVID 19 hub consisting of a data observatory, analytic tools and covid updates from partner organisations. As attention turns to managing the economic fallout from COVID-19, national and global recovery plans will determine if future...
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