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WASH and Climate Resilient Development (CRD)

Dear all

I do not come here regularly enough to know about the culture in this group and the width of topics we are comfortable with, hence my questions below:

  1. Would working on integrating Climate Resilient Development (CRD) into WASH strategic planning and sector management fall within the scope of this group?
  2. If not, would anyone know of a better group to start conversing about this topic?
  3. If yes, how to best #tag the WASHCRD topic within this group's conversations?
  4. Anyone able and willing to share resources and above all hands-on experiences (or links to) with integrating CRD into WASH strategic planing, please let me know! 

Thanks so much, Peter in Italy


Dear reader, maybe to add a bit on what I'm asking in my first post, here the text I'm sending around to people in my wider network with an interest in the WASH sector:

I'm trying to understand whether any (developing) country's WASH sector is explicitly working on making the WASH sector (infrastructure, but not only) more climate resilient. As you may be familiar with what happens on the ground in several countries, you may give me some hints and links to evidence or alternatively confirm my impression that still very few if any country's WASH sector is working on this. Note that I'm looking for WASH sector experience, not IWRM or Land Use planning, where I think a lot starts to happen and where really things should happen, because raising latrines against flooding or building concrete castles around water-points are only combating symptoms caused by bad practice in other sectors (mainly related to land-use), wouldn't you say so?
I am currently working on advice on integrating a Climate Resilient Development (CRD) approach into (national) Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector strategic planning. This piece of work is undertaken in the context of a broader package on Climate Resilient Development in the WASH sector on request of GWP and UNICEF.
I am contacting you in search of any evidence or concrete practical experience with addressing climate (extreme) variability and long term climate change specifically in the WASH sector (so not the broader IWRM context).
If you have any suggestions on (re)sources that know about or document such experiences, I would very much appreciate to get access to these either on the Internet or via contact you may provide me.
My request has some urgency as the deadline for producing this first guidance for national WASH strategic planners and policy makers is near. 
Thanks so much for giving this a thought and maybe coming back to me with some suggestions. If helpful I'm also willing to contact any suggested persons by phone, in which case I ask you to provide the necessary contact details.
I post on this topic through various channels using the #WASHCRD tag.
Have a good day, kind regards

Dear Peter,

Thanks for your questions. The work of integrating Climate Resilient Development (CRD) into WASH strategic planning and sector management falls within this group's scope. We can use the tag #WASHCRD for the conversations related to this subject. I don't have resources at the moment on this issues, but perhaps others can help. Have a good day!

best regards,


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Peter J. Bury
1 November 2014

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