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TRANSrisk Mid-Project Workshop, 7-8 March 2017, Brussels

7 March 2017, 8:45 to 8 March 2017, 16:00

TRANSrisk will conduct its 2 day Mid-Project Workshop on 7th & 8th of March 2017, in Brussels. It will be held at the Social Platform ground-floor meeting room at Square de Meeûs 18, Brussels, Belgium.

Participants will have the opportunity to review the initial results of the qualitative work implemented so far, as well as to be updated on the progress for each work package within TRANSrisk action. Moreover, the next steps regarding TRANSrisk's implementation and particularly the activities within the case studies will be discussed and planned.

Among others, individual presentations will be delivered on the following topics within the TRANSrisk case studies:

  • Energy access in the African context;
  • Land-use competition and renewable energy policies;
  • 2oC compatible transition of the iron and steel sector;
  • Mitigation implication of ice-free summer in the Arctic;
  • Risk and Uncertainty framing in transition pathways;
  • Micro-Macro links between innovation policies and transition pathways;
  • Links between qualitative and quantitative model
  • Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping: Greek building sector: short, medium term policy assessment case study;
  • How results from qualitative models will be assessed by Fuzzy Cognitive Maps;

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Social Platform ground-floor meeting room (Belgium)