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CARISMA D5.1 Policy on climate change mitigation, policy mapping and interaction

This Deliverable presents the insights gathered during our research efforts on two work package tasks. The first part of the report categorises and analyses information available in 24 climate change policy databases and identifies gaps and potential information needs. Moreover, it sheds some light on the question of whether the policy information available actually meets the needs of stakeholders using these databases by using an extensive online and offline stakeholder consultation process. The second part of the report focuses on the issue area of policy interactions. Four case studies (France, Austria, Greece, EU-wide) analyse how different climate change mitigation policies (Energy Efficiency Measures, Renewable Energy Support) and instruments (EU ETS) interact with each other and what lessons can be drawn from past experiences in those countries.

This CARISMA Report can be also found here:

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3 August 2017

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