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Uganda: Country Fiche

The EU supports the SE4All Initiative’s objectives and places a strong emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) where the needs are the greatest. To this end, the EU has created the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) to support committed countries in sector policy and reforms and in significantly scaling up investment in the energy sector.

The EU’s SE4ALL TAF has created a number of "Energy Sector Country Fiches" to serve as a quick reference tool for the EU staff and as a support to discussion and dialogue in the sector.

These fiches are set out in two parts. The first part is a basic two page fiche that contains quantitative macro-economic and energy data for the country in question.

The second part of the country fiche consists of 4 annexes that are more qualitative in nature:

  • Annex 1: Primary data statistics and access to modern energy sources

  • Annex 2: Institutional and political framework

  • Annex 3: Electricity sector assessment

  • Annex 4: National targets for energy access, renewable energy and energy efficiency

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Magdalena Popescu
6 June 2016

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