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Sustainable Energy Handbook. Module 2.2: Regulation of the electricity sector

Energy is an important sector for development and a key cooperation area between the donor community and the partner countries. Given the growing role of the energy sector in the portfolio of development projects, this handbook has been designed to provide a general contextual introduction to a number of energy-related subjects.

The handbook is organised in separate modules in such a way that it is easy to immediately get answers, information and useful figures as well as a valid and valuable source for links on each subject.

Modules index

2. Energy policy support

2.1 Institutional framework in the energy sector

2.2 Regulation of the electricity sector

2.3 Electricity tariff structure

2.4 Nexus water-agriculture and energy

3. Role of the private sector in the development of energy

3.1 Public Private Partnership

4. Power generation by renewable technology

4.1 Hydroelectricity

4.2 Solar photovoltaic

4.3 Introduction to bioenergy

4.4 Clean cooking systems

4.5 Industrial heat and electricity produced by biomass

4.6 Biofuel production

4.7 Geothermal energy

5. Electricity access transmission, distribution and supply

5.1 Rural electrification general

5.2 Rural electrification on grid

5.3 Rural electrification off grid mini grid

5.4 Rural electrification off grid standalone

6. Energy project financing

6.1 Simplified financial models

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17 March 2016

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