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  1. Leapfrogging energy solutions through IoT in Cambodia

    Engineering for Change recently organised a webinar on energy access in off-grid communities in Cambodia. The recording presents some of the work done by the solar power startup Okra. Watch the video here: Read more about this event and about the presenters on engineering for change.
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  2. Toolbox on Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS) Launched

    This toolbox consist of informative modules, which are complemented by user-friendly tools. It addresses issues such as assessing the water requirements, sustainable design and maintenance of a SPIS and comparing the financial viability. Should you have any suggestions or queries about the toolbox...
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  3. Energy Access Portal on energypedia launched!

    Energypedia in collaboration with the WAME project has launched the Energy Access portal on energypedia. This portal hosts information on topics such as: technology options for energy access, policy framework, planning energy access projects and many more. link to the portal: https://energypedia...
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  4. Intermediate results of the TRANSrisk project which contributes to climate mitigation

    The European project “Transitions pathways and risk analysis for climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies”, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 642260, has now passed to the second stage of its implementation. Key...
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  5. CARISMA Working Document 2 - Policy Interaction between EU ETS and RED

    The EU has opted to integrate climate and energy policies. The over-achievement of the renewable energy target meant that the power sector reduced the demand for EU ETS allowances (EUAs). This Working Document discusses conditions for reducing such negative policy interactions. The current CARISMA...
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  6. CARISMA Working Document 1 - Policy Database Analysis

    Information on policies mitigating climate change, which could meet key information needs in a post-Paris world, is increasingly available in online databases. However, the available information suffers from several shortcomings, which are discussed in this Working Document. This Working Document...
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  7. Consequences of new coal-fired plants in global GHG emissions

    TRANSrisk partner BC3, Basque Centre for Climate Change, has developed an interesting paper which analyses the projected CO 2 emissions of coal-fired plants which are currently at different stages of construction and planning. The study highlights that even in the scenarion that 75% of all coal-...
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