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Sustainable energy planning: Leapfrogging the energy poverty gap in Africa

Dear Energy Group Members,

I would like to share teh abstract of an article with you titled: Sustainable energy planning: Leapfrogging the energy poverty gap in Africa that was publishged in the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (

I hope this could be of interest for you as well.

The paper introduces the results of a spatial-economic analysis that identifies the least cost rural electrification options that can bring the persistent energy poverty to an end in Sub Saharan Africa. The rationale behind the analysis is that the applicable energy technologies have gone through fundamental changes and these have profound effects on the competitiveness of the various options.

The least cost distributed generation options are calculated for each geographical location for mini hydro, off grid PV and diesel generators options and it is compared to the electricity grid extension. The methodology presented in this manuscript organises the scarcely available energy-related local and regional geo-information into comprehensible maps. The set of tools presented and the results based on those analyses can support decision and policy makers to plan for the least-cost rural electrification options while also adapting to the most effective way to reduce energy poverty. This can help in the national rural electrification plans by delineating which communities cannot be reached by existing grid without excessive extension costs and gives the alternative distributed generation option.

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Sandor Szabo
17 March 2014

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