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Training offers on Social Protection in Asia and Pacific Region

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Social Protection Training Course for EC Staff

Training sessions offered:

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12 .06.2012 to 15.06.2012 Bangkok .Thailand


Practical Information:

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The syslog number for registration is 384627.


Objective :

This four day Training is a one-off event for the Asia and Pacific Region. It also includes a high level panel discussion with practicioners from key agencies engaged in social protection in the region.

It is designed in response to the need to bring together concepts of social protection and apply them in the contexts of poverty, risk, and vulnerability. The main objective of the training is:

To equip participants with relevant knowledge, understanding and skills to engage in national and international social protection programmes and policy processes.

To achieve this objective the course will:

  • Examine a  spectrum of related issues from: interventions at the community level; to national strategies; through to international mechanisms for implementation;
  • Draw on participants own knowledge and experience.



An intensive four day course for twenty participants from a range of contexts with different learning styles, knowledge and experience in social protection requires the use of a number of different teaching methods. Methods we use will be based upon ‘active learning’ which moves beyond ‘passive learning’ to find the most effective techniques to include participants in their own learning process. The course staff will support participants learning by:

  • introducing concepts, ideas, thinking, theories and practice;
  • drawing out and building on participants’ thoughts and experiences;
  • facilitating plenary discussion;
  • discussing exercises and case studies
  • creating an environment of honesty and confidentiality that is open and inclusive.

Course facilitators will be responsible for the finalisation of timetable and overall facilitation of the delivery of the course.



  • F. Gassmann:

Franziska Gassmann has a PhD in Economics and 15 years of extensive experience in development economics and related fields. She has demonstrated her skills and expertise as a consultant and researcher in the economics of poverty reduction and income distribution, social policy reform, transition and development.

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Target Audience:

EC staff in Delegations in the Asia and Pacific Region





Training Material :

(SP) - Day 1 - Introduction to the Course

(SP) - Day 1 - The new Social Protection Communication and implications for EC work in Asia and the Pacific

(SP) - Day 1 -Vulnerabilities and Social Protection

(SP) - Day 1 - Global and regional approaches to social protection

(SP) – Day 1 - Social Protection System, Lao PDR

(SP) – Day 1 - Concepts and rationale for social protection

(SP) – Day 2 - Social protection in Asia and the Pacific

(SP) – Day 2 – Targeting & Conditionality

(SP) – Day 3 - Financing Social Protection

(SP) – Day 3 - The Politics of Social Protection

(SP) - Day 3 - The Asian Development Bank and Social Protection

(SP) - Day 3 - Social Protection approaches in Asia/Pacific 

(SP) - Day 3 - Towards Child-Sensitive Social Protection in Asia-Pacific

(SP) – Day 4 - Social Protection and Aid Modalities: issues

(SP) – Day 4 - Performance Measurement for Social Protection


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