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Workshop on employment and decent work in Africa



On Wednesday 30 June - Day 1 will explain what the joint Africa-EU
Strategy is, followed by a presentation of AU and EU policies in
particular in the area of employment, social protection and other decent
work related issues.

On Thursday 1 July - Day 2  the workshop will be divided in the four
below working groups:

  1. Skills development and labour market needs/employment including for
    migrant workers.
  2. Improving working conditions and extending social protection
    coverage in the informal economy including migrant workers.
  3. Affordability, fiscal space and long term sustainability of
    country-defined and social protection systems in Africa in line with AU
    Social Policy Framework for Africa and the UN Social Protection Floor
  4. Presentation of employment-creation measures such as employment
    intensive methods in particular within infrastructure.

On Friday 2 July - Day 3 the outcome documents from the four working groups
will be presented. This will be followed by a discussion on human
rights. The afternoon will be devoted on the way forward.

Expected results:

It is expected that the workshop
reaches the following results:

  1. The participants will have a better understanding and knowledge of
    various approaches used by EU member states and African states for their
    consideration in national, regional and continental related strategies
    and programmes;
  2. Improved understanding and solutions for addressing employment
    policies and strategies;
  3. Identify areas of common interest for further cooperation between



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