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Financing VET: main issues for an effective policy in development cooperation


Over the last years, partner countries' governments as well as bilateral and multilateral donors have acknowledged the increasing importance to improve employability with a view to respond to the evolving needs of the national labour market. Financing the relevant skills development schemes is one of the key challenges faced by governments. The role of external development cooperation in achieving those objectives and notably the one on sustainable financing is to be explored. In order to exchange experiences of various partners and to analyse and draw some ideas on how development cooperation in this area could be more effective DEVCO B3 has decided to organise a seminar on Financing VET: main issues for an effective policy in development cooperation. The seminar will provide an overview of best practices and good 'advisory approaches' that can help governments, with the support of EU Delegations, to analyse their VET/SD systems, devise new financing approaches and modalities and better engage in policy-dialogue. It will also contribute to the development of strategic approaches to programming and designing actions by DEVCO and will inform its approach to developing training modules on vocational education and training.



Study “Financing VET” in Sub Saharan Africa and Latin America (ADEA/AFD)

The study contains a bibliographical summary with information on the major studies on the financing of vocational training carried out over the past decade, a typology/framework for analysis of vocational training funds, and recommendations for possible types of support in line with the typology/...
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