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Introduction to Thematic Week on Evaluation

This week is marking the start of the International Year of Evaluation with a thematic week on evaluation. 

“The international year of evaluation is for us a good opportunity to try and increase the demands for evaluation and make our stakeholders better understand the purpose of evaluation. It also happily coincides with the European Year for Development, so for us it doubles our motivation to take an active part in this international year for evaluation,” said Philippe Loop, Head of Unit for Evaluation at DEVCO. 

In the following video, Mr Loop looks back on 2014’s achievements for the evaluation unit and discusses the main challenges for this year. A few additional points on the work of the unit are summarised below. 



New Policy and Publications

2014 was an important year for the evaluation unit with the release of two key publications: Evaluation Matters and the Study on the uptake of learning from EuropeAid’s strategic evaluations into development policy and practice

In addition to the publication of ten strategic Evaluation reports, 2014 has also seen the publication of the Synthesis of Strategic Evaluations of Budget Support undertaken over 2010 – 2014. This represents a major methodological step in the development of budget support evaluation methodology and an important assessment of the contribution of Budget Support to development objectives. You can view a summary of these ten reports here.

Court of Auditors Report

December saw the publication of the European Court of Auditors special report on DEVCO’s evaluation and Results-Orientated Monitoring (ROM) systems. This helped DEVCO to improve their work, by having an external point of view of their evaluation procedures. Evaluation Matters deals with some of the concerns raised in this report, but going forward there are still others that need to be addressed, for example continuing to work on the improvement of the quality of project and programme evaluations. 

The Evaluation Correspondents’ Network

The Network of Evaluation Correspondents was officially launched early 2014. Its objective is to contribute to enhancing the evaluation culture and expertise across the organisation. All Delegations and HQ Directorates have appointed an Evaluation Correspondent. A dedicated Group has been set up, welcoming articles, documents and discussions about evaluation and related topics. 

Results Framework

2015 will also see the implementation of DEVCO’s new Results Framework. While the focus for this will be monitoring and not directly linked to evaluation, this will help DEVCO to produce better data and results that can feed into evaluations. 

Voices & Views

Last year collaborated with the evaluation unit to produce a Voices & Views on the evaluation of Palestine. This week we will publish three new articles. 

The week will start with a Voices & Views looking at Evaluation Matters, DEVCO’s new evaluation policy…

… followed by an article on Uptake of Evaluations

… and conclude with a review of the synthesis of budget support evaluations

It will also be interspersed with content in groups including the launch of a new group on the evaluation methodology. More information coming later in the week. 

Please join, share and learn more about evaluation between 19 and 23 January 2015. 


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