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The Evaluation Correspondents’ Network

Each year, around 200 project and programme evaluations are conducted by EU cooperation services. They are managed by DEVCO services and Delegations themselves, while the central Evaluation Unit’s main role is to steer the overall evaluation function by acting as a reference centre and by supporting the services in producing high quality evaluations. It is therefore important that the information and communication flow between the Evaluation Unit and the Services and Delegations is smooth and active.

The Evaluation Correspondents Network was founded in 2014 with the goal of further streamlining the circulation of evaluation knowledge and best practices across DEVCO. The network was created with the aim of strengthening the overall evaluation culture, by:

  • Increasing awareness of evaluation use and usefulness;
  • Improving evaluation skills across the organisation;
  • Allowing better communication and interaction on evaluation results and issues .

Today it is composed of 118 Evaluation Correspondents, distributed across all EU Delegations and DEVCO services. The correspondents are 'ambassadors' of evaluation, by disseminating evaluation findings and lessons learnt and spreading a sound culture of evaluation. They are also expected to coordinate the evaluation work in the delegation, contributing to coherence and skills development. To achieve this objective, the Evaluation Correspondents will act as key reference figure for all evaluation issues within their service/delegation.

The expectations are ambitious, and much effort is being invested into making the network flourish and grow. To facilitate communication between colleagues who live and work across all time zones and continents, an online community of practice on has been created – The Evaluation Correspondents Network C4D closed group [only available to EC & EEAS colleagues].  Here correspondents can exchange best practices, lessons learnt and knowledge with one another as well as with reference contacts from the Evaluation Unit.

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Bruno Micale
19 January 2015

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