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  1. Implementation of the new Gender Action Plan for 2016-20!

    The new Gender Action Plan for 2016-20 (GAP II) establishes gender analysis as mandatory for all new actions ( GAP II and GAP Guidance Note in Annex). Delegations are expected to have carried it out by mid-2016. A team of experts is available to assist EU Delegations with preparation of ToR for...
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  2. Training for EC-staff: "Leave no one behind: making sure EU development cooperation reaches children, women and persons with disabilities"

    The purposes of this training are: ✓ To raise awareness and knowledge on the policy framework that guide EU work on inequalities, human rights and anti-discrimination (gender, child rights, disabilities) ✓ To develop the capacity of staff to maximize the mainstreaming of gender; child rights and...
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  3. UNICEF and the European Year for Development

    Lila Pieters is a Senior Advisor at UNICEF's Brussels EU Office. Speaking in an interview filmed at the stakeholders launch event, she explains which issues UNICEF would like to see highlighted during the European Year for Development (EYD) and the challenges for the post-2015 agenda. Visit the...
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  4. Global Decline of Wildlife linked to Child Slavery

    Below, you will find an exerpt of a really interesting article, found on the BBC's Science and Environment news section, that directs attention to one of the real causes of child (and even adult) slavery. New research suggests the global decline in wildlife is connected to an increase in human...
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  5. UN global ban on FGM

    In 2010 the Inter-African Committee launched a draft resolution of the United Nations General Assembly banning Female Genital Mutilation worldwide , in partnership with No Peace Without Justice (NPWJ) and La Palabre, and under the coordination of Mrs. Chantal Campaoré, First Lady of Burkina Faso...
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