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LenCD Webinar: Reframing Capacity Development for the Digital Age


15th April 2015 at 14:30 UTC / GMT

What’s the latest thinking on capacity development? Do social media and new digital tools play a key role? When Itad was asked to brief the UN Global Environment Facility (GEF) on these questionst they brought together a team of staff and associates – Robbie Gregorowski, Cheryl Brown, Isabel Vogel, Melanie Punton and Pete Cranston – whose varied perspectives and expertise helped develop a conceptual framework for GEF, which they are calling Capacity Development 2, or CD2.

In the CD2 framework, ‘capacity’ is understood to be an emergent property of the functioning of the different processes in a system. Capacity isn’t a single ‘outcome’ that can be influenced by a single intervention or organisation and capacity development isn’t a one-off workshop or training event. It’s also not about replacing ‘traditional’ capacity development activities with digital tools or bolting on a social media element, although engagement with digital devices and the Internet is central to any conception of CD2.




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