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Global Capacity Building Survey for Local Institutions - Please participate and/or share wtih your local networks!

Hello all,

I am a Capacity Building Advisor at Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International and I am conducting an online survey for local institutions throughout the globe on their perceptions, experiences, and priorities with regards to capacity building. Since building the capacity of local partners is really at the heart of many development projects (and critical to sustainability), we are eager to assess the priorities, perceptions and experiences of local partners to do this work more effectively. RTI intends on publishing the results in a white paper which we hope will better inform the work of international implementers as well as donors so that projects can be better shaped for the needs of local partners. The survey targets NGOs/CSOs, government agencies, education, health, research and training institutes. The only requirement is that the institutions are local and not a branch of an international body.

If you are a local institution, we would love to have your participation in the survey! Below are links to the survey in English, French and Spanish. If you are an international institution, help us get the word out and send to your local partners in the field. Institutions that complete the survey will be registered in a raffle to win a free iPad! The winner(s) will be notified by mid-July. The deadline for completing the survey is June 15th. If you are forwarding a message to partners in the field, please see the attached messages (in English, French and Spanish) that may be used to send along. Each message contains a link to the survey in the respective language.

English survey:

French survey: Enquête sur le renforcement des capacités

Spanish survey: Encuesta sobre el desarrollo de capacidades

Thank you for your help in disseminating and/or completing this survey! Your voice matters and will be important for donors and international institutions to better understand. We are excited to share the results, which I will post on this forum.

Thank you!


Nicole Jacobs


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7 December 2022

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