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The Torino process - VET (vocational education and training) support by European Training Foundation



The Torino Process reviews the progress of vocational education and training (VET) policies carried out in ETF's partner countries. Its objective is to provide an accurate and detailed analysis of the VET reforms in the various countries. The European Training Foundation (ETF) is an agency of the European Union, established in 1990 and operational since 1994. It is based in Turin, Italy.

The ETF has completed the Torino Process and the Education and Business studies in its partner countries – in total 27 countries surrounding the EU. The Torino Process was launched in January 2010. It will be repeated in 2012-2013.

On 16 March, a team led by Madlen Serban (director of ETF) introduced the Torino Process and its main findings for the ENP region and Central Asia to DEVCO colleaguges working in the geographical and thematic units.

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Paul Riembault
17 March 2011

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