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International Volunteer Day 2013: Celebrating volunteers as agents of change



Celebrating International Volunteer Day 2013

On International Volunteer Day, Thursday 5 December, we're celebrating volunteers as agents of change, highlighting the power of volunteering in the fight against poverty worldwide.

As a volunteer, local partner or supporter, you will know that volunteers create lasting change by working together through the exchange of skills and experience.

At VSO we believe that this is something worth shouting about.

No matter where you are in the world, we'd love for you to be part of celebrating volunteers on International Volunteer Day. We'd like you to share your stories of change with your networks through social media, blogs, and websites or online news channels. By doing so, you'll be joining the global celebration and you'll help to spread the word about the positive impact of volunteering.

Why are we celebrating?

VSO volunteers have been fighting poverty for 55 years. That's over half a century of volunteers working with local communities to change the prospects of poor and marginalised people for the better. Without the enthusiasm and dedication of skilled international, national and youth volunteers, VSO would not be able to reach millions of people, supporting improved access to services in education, health, HIV and AIDS, disability, and governance.

Volunteers are vital to the work that VSO does to fight poverty.

On 5 December, let's put the spotlight on the amazing, sustainable work that VSO volunteers are doing around the world. Our aim is get people talking about the value of volunteers, encourage others to understand the importance of volunteering as a unique approach to international development, and maybe even to volunteer themselves.

Who should take part?

We need you!

If you're a volunteer, someone who works with or knows volunteers, or if you're simply passionate about the role of volunteering as a catalyst for change, we’d like you to join us by getting involved in the global conversation on 5 December.


Be creative! Write a blog, article or poem, take a photo, draw, make a video, and share it. Or, if you don't have time, you can easily use some of the resources available for download on the International Volunteer Day resources page which has resources including ideas on how you can shape your message, different ways to share, and existing content to draw inspiration from.


Find out more on VSO's website.


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Katie Dalsgaard
5 December 2013

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