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How do you use case stories?

Case stories are an important and accessible way to share experiences and lessons.  Many organisations have invested in producing case stories and publishing them on their web sites, but finding stories has always required searching in many locations separately.  LenCD has been building up an index of case stories ( including material from UNDP, the Task Team on South-South Cooperation, SNV, WBI, ECDPM, and other sources.  More than 500 case stories have now been catalogued and are searchable by country and keyword.

The collection has been built in the belief that people who want to find case stories will find it useful to have one place where they can select a country, for example, and see a list of case stories from many different sources instead of having to search in each location separately.  But we would be very interested in knowing whether this is a good assumption or not!  How might such a collection be useful to you?  How might you use it?  How do you use case stories?

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Brian Lucas
27 January 2012

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