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New guide available on how to make inspiring case studies in inclusive agribusiness

Published in December 2018 and publicized on the website on 6 September 2018 here, Joost Guijt, Roger Reuver,
Hermine ten Hove and Jan Brouwers (with Monika Sopov and and Irene Salverda) of Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) have published a new practical guide, Creating effective case studies: a practical guide to making inclusive agribusiness experiences accessible and inspiring. The guide was developed based on experience with five new cases studies over several years. The process put forward is useful for developing well thought through case studies in general. Proposed case study contents are more specific to inclusive agribusiness. The approach of this case study guide is to focus on the intended audience and match the content and style to this audience. It is generally meant for businesses and program staff, who could benefit from adopting or adapting the experiences of others. A good example is the case study Seed companies and the Tanzanian horticulture sector which looks at the role of seed companies to support the growth of a more productive and inclusive horticulture sector.

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