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  1. Political economy for practitioners

    Just wanted to share a link with you instead of sharing comments http://www.learn4dev.net/expertise/policital-economy/ On the 19th of September, the PEP Expert Group met in Eschborn, Germany in order to discuss the new course on Political Economy for Practitioners. During the meeting the course...
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  2. World leaders endorse 'Outcomes' document for MDG summit

    A roadmap to an agreement on a new list of sustainable development targets to replace the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2015 was agreed at a summit in New York on 25 September. http://www.euractiv.com/development-policy/world-leaders-endorse-outcome-do-news-530719?utm_source=RSS_Feed...
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  3. PEA in EuropeAid

    Understanding the political economy of the countries and sectors in which we work is a necessary part of effective development cooperation. Finding the best approach to analysing political economy remains an important methodological concern. Drawing the lessons of the first generation of PEAs which...
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  4. Political Economy of Corruption - Excellent Article

    The attached article appeared in the South African press this week about corruption but really gives a great insight into the political economy of public expenditure especially when things go wrong. In this case, it is not even clear that what happened would constitute corruption in the formal...
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  5. PEA at the Project Level

    Thomas Carothers recently released an excellent book that engages with PEA in the development industry. The first chapter can be read online for free here: http://carnegieendowment.org/2013/04/16/development-aid-confronts-politics/fzqk Aside from being extremely well written, Carothers makes the...
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  6. Take 4 minutes to learn what's the EU Export Helpdesk

    Do you want to export to the EU? The Export Helpdesk informs you on how to do it! Take 4 minutes to learn what's the EU Export Helpdesk. Just click here: http://brussels.cta.int/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=7479:our-video-guest-ines-escudero-sanchez-export-helpdesk-ec
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