The Policy Forum gathers representatives of CSOs and LAs from global, European and regional levels together with representatives of European Institutions. The CSOs include NGOs, trade unions, cooperatives and professional and business associations.

Overall the PFD is composed of 82 networks or associations representing the EU and the four (4) regions where EU cooperation is implemented: Neighbourhood Region, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean.

You download our "Who is Who" member compilation here:

- Who is Who English

- Who is Who French

- Who is Who Spanish

Here is a short summary list of our members:


Asia & Pacific

European Neighbourhood

Latin America



Watch here the video presentations of some of the PFD members: Cooperative Europe; International Cooperative Alliance - Africa; Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum; UCLG; UNITAS; REPONGAC or a video on the Framework Partnership Agreements and how they contribute to the implementation of the SDGs.

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12 June 2020

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