Global PFD Meeting 2016

The fourth global Policy Forum on Development meeting brought together over 160 representatives from civil society, local authorities, European institutions, EU member states and the private sector. Taking place in the aftermath of several milestone meetings in development cooperation including the Addis Ababa conference on Financing for Development, the Paris climate change summit and the UN 2030 Agenda, the discussions considered how best to coordinate efforts and enable civil society and local authorities to guide change on a local level.

See the video teaser of the meeting:

During the meeting the team spoke to several members of the PFD about their work. In the following videos we share extracts from these interviews:

Hanna Surmatz, Senior Legal Affairs Officer at the European Foundation Centre, discusses the challenging environment in which civil society and local authorities operate:


Edith van Ewijk, senior researcher at Kaleidos Research, presents her findings on the Netherlands’ approach to the SDGs:



Wicaksono Sarosa, researcher in sustainable development and governance, discusses Indonesia’s readiness to implement the 2030 Agenda:



Adrien Licha, coordinator at United Cities and Local Governments, discusses the role local authorities can play in the 2030 Agenda and how the EU can best support them:


To view further interviews from PFD 2016, see our Voices & Views on Supporting Local Actors in a Challenging Environment.

For more information about the agenda and discussions, click here.

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