Global PFD Meeting 2015

During the third Global PFD meeting in March 2015, the team spoke to several members of the PFD about their work and the challenges they face. In the following video we share extracts from these interviews:

  • Lucy Garrido from Cotidiano Mujer in Uruguay talks about gender issues in Latin America [00:34 - 02:54];
  • Jorge Balbis from ALOP in Mexico discusses human rights in Mexico [02:54 - 05:29];
  • Alexandra Makaroff from Plan International in Belgium speaks about the challenges for child rights around the world [05:29 - 07:00];
  • Antonio Tujan Jr from IBON International in The Philippines shares his thoughts on climate change [07:00 - 09:02];
  • Boubacar Alpha Bah from the Association of Malian Municipalities and also the Mayor of Bamako in Mali commented on the new EU strategic partnerships with Local Authorities [09:02 - 10:08];
  • Robert Mabala from REPONGAC in the Democratic Republic of Congo explains why it's important to involve citizens in development [10:08 - 12:32].



Please see below a shorter version of the video:



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