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Watch here the pictures of the Middle East and Neighborhood South Multi-stakeholder PFD Meeting organised in Jordan in October 2017

17 March 2015 to 18 March 2015
in BRUSSELS (Belgium)
Organised byDEVCO

During the third Global PFD meeting in March 2015, the team spoke to several members of the PFD about their work and the challenges they face. In the following video we share extracts from these interviews:

Caroline Garcia uploaded a new Document 19 May 2017

Today the European Union has adopted the new European Consensus on Development. The purpose of the new Consensus is to provide the framework for a common approach to development policy that will be applied by the EU institutions and the Member States and will guide their action in their cooperati

Caroline Garcia created a new WIKI page 20 October 2017

See here the different presentations made during the meeting:

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The PFD leaflet found here presents the history behind the PFD, as well as the key objectives, facts and figures. Additionally, the document explains how the Forum works. 

Enjoy your reading and be sure to contact us with any comments or suggestions you may have.

Caroline Garcia created a new WIKI page 31 August 2017

The first middle East and Neighborhood South Multi-stakeholder Meeting of the Policy Forum on Development (PFD) took place on the 3rd and the 4th of October, in Jordan.

Dorothee Fischer posted Information 28 May 2018

Together with our member organisation Association internationale des maires francophones and the Réseau des Femmes Leaders du Maghreb we are organising a lab session on female leadership in the Maghreb (in French) during this year's European Development Days. Join us on 5 June at 9h30!


Caroline Garcia posted Information 31 August 2017

The next multi-stakeholder PFD meeting will be held in Jordan on the 3rd and the 4th of October in the Dead Sea, Jordan. 

Dorothee Fischer posted Information 8 June 2018

In collaboration with the Association Internationale des Maires Francophones (AIMF) and the netwo

Capacity4dev Team posted an Idea 14 March 2018

The 2018 European Regional Meeting of the Policy Forum on Development (PFD) saw the SDGs positioned as the guiding principles behind discussions on urban growth, the role of civil society, and ecological impacts.