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TUDCN Communicates posted Information 12 October 2016

The EU's Policy Forum on Development (PFD), the structured dialogue between the European Commission and CSOs and local authorities working on development, organised its regional Africa meeting in Dakar on 3-4 October 2016. A trade union delegation attended the event.

Dorothee Fischer posted Information 26 March 2018

More than 80 representatives of civil society organisations (CSOs), local authorities (LAs), the private sector, EU Member States and the EU institut

Dorothee Fischer created a new Photo album 24 January 2018

These are the photos of the first Regional Meeting Europe which took place in Ghent, Belgium, on 15 and 16 January 2018.

Caroline Garcia created a new WIKI page 22 March 2017

Please see below the meeting background documents:

Mutli-stakeholder Partnership session

Dorothee Fischer posted Information 3 June 2018

La Plateforme des Autorités Locales des Pays des Grands Lacs réunissant des Maires de villes proches du lac Kivu, a organisé, dans le cadr

Dorothee Fischer created a new WIKI page 23 January 2018

Here you find all the background documents related to the first PFD Regional Meeting Europe:

Dorothee Fischer posted Information 24 January 2018

The Policy Forum on Development started off the New Year with the first Regional Meeting Europe which was held in Ghent (Belgium) on 15 an

Leigh Haynes posted Information 31 May 2017

The CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) will have a stand at the upcoming EDD to highlight progress made on imple

Sara Simon created a new WIKI page 22 March 2017

Please see here the different presentations available of the 5th Global PFD Meeting:

1- PFD Update

PFD update and challenges

Daphné Barbotte posted Information 22 March 2017

This afternoon, panellists and PFD members discussed the Post-Cotonou framework – the future ACP-EU partnership – and the role CSOs and LAs should play in this new agreement.