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Excerpts from the interview with PFD co-chair Jorge Balbis

Jorge Balbis What do you hope to achieve via the PFD and why did you decide to get involved and even beyond, co-chair the PFD? We want to capitalize on the experiences of the Structured Dialogue (SD) - to enable the functioning of a dialogue mechanism that has the mandate of many people and can be...
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Interview with PFD co-chair Jorge Balbis, part 2

Does the PFD support you in understanding and explaining how the EU works to your constituents? If so, how? Normally, people think the EC has lots of power, and it is good to have a better idea of the limits of the Commission. From the forum, they can understand the complexity, how decisions are...
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Interview with PFD co-chair Jorge Balbis, part 3

What will be a measure of the PFD success for you? It will be when we can have a real discussion - a political discussion. Also, when we have true and effective participation in the Forum. This means real ownership expressed through concrete and tangible contributions to the Forum agenda. We should...
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