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Dorothee Fischer created a new Photo album 7 March 2018

This is a summary video of the first regional PFD meeting Europe which took place in Ghent (Belgium) from 15 - 17 January 2018.

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    Capacity4dev Team posted an Idea 14 March 2018

    The 2018 European Regional Meeting of the Policy Forum on Development (PFD) saw the SDGs positioned as the guiding principles behind discussions on urban growth, the role of civil society, and ecological impacts.

    Caroline Garcia created a new WIKI page 22 March 2017

    The fifth global meeting of the Policy Forum on Development (PFD) took place on the 21st and the 23rd of March, in Brussels.

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    During the third Global PFD meeting in March 2015, the team spoke to several members of the PFD about their work and the challenges they face. In the following video we share extracts from these interviews:

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    The European Commission has the pleasure to inform that theCall for proposals “Women & Sustainable Energy was published on the occasion of Internatio

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    Waiting for the report of the meeting, which will be issued in the coming weeks,  have a glimpse into the debates that took place during the 2-day PFD meeting held in Brussels on the 1st and 2nd of october.

    Antonio Fernandez de Velasco posted Information 6 June 2016

    On the 30/05/2016, the European Commission has launched a public consultation on the revision of European Consensus on Development. You are invited to participate online in the process which will remain open until the 21/08/2016 (see link below).

    Salima Chitalia posted Information 22 April 2015

    Read Article by Pam van de Bunt submitted on 22/04/2015

    14 June 2019 to 30 June 2019
    Organised byMunicipality of Lampedusa and Linosa

    The No more bricks in the wall campaign will have its key momentum on 3rd October 2019, during the 28 Capital Events will be realised in all EU member states.