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Laetitia Ricklin uploaded a new Document 22 October 2012

Veuillez trouver ci-joint une copie de la Note d'information – Proposition de Programme indicatif pluriannuel (PIP) "Organisations de la société civile et Autorités locales" (2014-2020)

Laetitia Ricklin uploaded a new Document 22 October 2012

Please find enclosed the Draft Background note on the Draft Multiannual Indicative Programme Thematic Programme 'Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities' (2014-2020)

Martin Krottmayer uploaded a new Document 12 November 2012
Salima Chitalia posted Information 8 August 2014

I’m pleased to inform you about the adoption of the new Commission Communication on the private sector’s role in development:

Salima Chitalia posted Information 8 August 2014

On 2nd of June 2014 the Commission adopted its new Communication "A Decent Life for All: from Vision to collective Action" which describes key principles and proposes priority areas and potential targets for the years following 2015, as a contribution towards establishing a limited number of Sust

Marc Noel posted Information 8 August 2014

Please, visit the new online database with more than 400 international cooperative projects.
‘Cooperatives in development’ online platform is live

Suman Chowdhury Mony posted Information 15 August 2014

Few years ago people of a rural area of Anowara, a sub district of port city Chittagong, Bangladesh, sowed paddy plants in a road to protest the Government for not taking initiatives furnishing that road by bricks.

From16 September 2014
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byBright Chameleon

Strategic planning for nonprofits: Inspiration from success

We will take you through an amazing story from an unexpected source to
explore how success was built from a vision and strategy, and how non profits
can inspire themselves in this case to create impact.


* From vision to strategy                          

* Creating an action plan and implementation strategy

* Monitoring and adapting the plan 

* Communication and involvement

Event link:!training-agenda/c4wu [1]

This seminar is free for our partners and non partners alike. Available
places are limited so we strongly advise you to confirm your seat in advance.
Maximum of 2 people from the same organisation.

Register via event link or to email:


Sara Simon uploaded a new Document 17 September 2014

Type of document: Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions