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330 in total, 311 - 320 shown
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Please see here the different presentations available of the 5th Global PFD Meeting:

1- PFD Update

PFD update and challenges

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Please see below the meeting background documents:

Mutli-stakeholder Partnership session

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Strasbourg, 22 November 2016

Today, the European Commission is setting out a strategic approach for achieving sustainable development in Europe and around the world.

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The EU's Policy Forum on Development (PFD), the structured dialogue between the European Commission and CSOs and local authorities working on development, organised its regional Africa meeting in Dakar on 3-4 October 2016. A trade union delegation attended the event.

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The EU is moving forward with its response to the 2030 Agenda. Its latest consultation process aims to collect stakeholder input for the ongoing revision of the European Consensus on Development.

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During the Global PFD meeting in March 2015, the team spoke to several members of the PFD about their work and the challenges they face. In the following video we share extracts from these interviews:

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This compressed file contains the background documents relevant to Session 1: The EU's engagement with CSOs and LAs, at the

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Civil society organisations (CSOs) and Local Authorities (LAs) are key actors of Development. In this section, you can access key documents presenting the EU thematic programmes as well as the EU Communications aimed at reinforcing both actors. 

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The PFD leaflet found here presents the history behind the PFD, as well as the key objectives, facts and figures. Additionally, the document explains how the Forum works. 

Enjoy your reading and be sure to contact us with any comments or suggestions you may have.

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