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Caroline Garcia6 September 2015

The PFD uses a number of key tools such as:

  • Updated PFD Charter 2019 EN, FR, ES
  • Working document presenting the principles and basics of the Policy Forum on development. Download the document: (EN) (FR) (ES)
  • The PFD Charter presenting the PFD set up and working modalities: (EN) (FR) (ES)
  • A toolkit to support and enhance consultations around the EU Policy Forum on Development (PFD). It is intended for use as PFD members in their own outreach efforts to inform forum discussions. Specifically, the toolkit aims to support in:
    • expanding outreach towards your constituencies in matters around the PFD;
    • gathering targeted information, relevant for PFD discussions and;
    • providing feedback on the outcomes of the discussions held in the PFD. Download the document in English, Spanish and French.

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