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Towards a more effective partnership with civil society EN

CONCORD has been monitoring the relationship between European Union Delegations (EUDs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in partner countries since 2005, when the EU decided to deconcentrate a large part of the management and adminis- tration of its development finance to EU delegations.

While at the beginning CONCORD’s analysis has focused on the access to funding, contracting and compliance issues, since 2014 the scope of the EUD report has been broadened by inte- grating the role of civil society in programming of EC aid and the political dialogue between EU, partner governments and civil society.

Taking the European Commission (EC) Communication ‘The roots of democracy and sustainable development: Europe’s en- gagement with Civil Society in external relations’ as a starting point, the 2017 report aims to contribute to a constructive, evidence-based dialogue between EUDs and civil society on how they can effectively interact and cooperate with each other, with the ultimate goal of protecting and expanding civil society’s space and promoting an enabling environment for it.

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Dorothee Fischer
12 January 2018

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