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8th Global Meeting

The annual global meeting of the Policy Forum on Development will be held in Brussels from 23 - 26 March 2020.

We will focus on the priorities of the new EU Commission, the role of partnerships in general and the PFD in particular. In addition, sessions will be dedicated to the new Multiannual Financial Framework (2021 - 2027); Green Deals; inequalities; gender equality; sustainable economy and financing; and digitalisation.

We will upload the agenda, concept paper and all background documents on this page in the upcoming weeks. So stay tuned for regular updates!



how can register for the 8th global meeting?

Dear Sara,

the Policy Forum on Development is a member-based organisation and our meetings are only open to our members (upon invitation). Other interested stakeholders can follow our results (newsletter of the event etc) on our Capacity4Development page.

You can find a list of members here:

Best wishes,

The PFD Team