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Rights of Migrants in Action

Responding adequately to the needs of migrants in today’s global economic and political context is obviously not a simple challenge. The effectiveness of activities in the domain of migration and development largely depends on the identification and establishment of strategic partnerships among civil society organisations (CSOs), between CSOs and governments at central and decentralised levels.

Rights of Migrants in Action is a 42 month project co-funded by the European Union and managed by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies that aims at foster a coordinated approach of CSOs toward the protection of the rights of migrants, to enhance migrants' access to social services, and to build and strengthen the capacities of these CSOs to advocate for the rights of migrants.

The final beneficiaries will be the migrant population, in particular the most vulnerable groups (women, children, migrant domestic workers, victims of human trafficking and of other severe right’s violations within migration contexts), their families and potential migrants from the following origin, transit and destination countries in different regions of the world:

  • Ethiopia and Zimbabwe in Africa;
  • Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Honduras in the Americas;
  • Indonesia, Nepal and Thailand in Asia;
  • Kazakhstan, Russian Federation and Tajikistan in Central Asia and
  • Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco in Middle East and North Africa.




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The Action was launched in Brussels, at the Committee of the Regions on 2 October 2014, on the occasion of the Policy Forum on Development.


The panel was composed by:

BéatriceTaulègne, Deputy Director, Horizontal Policies and Networks, Committee of the Regions (welcome note)

Walter CotteWitingan, Under Secretary General for Programs and Services, IFRC

LluisRieraFigueras, Director, Human and Society Development, DG DEVCO

Marieke Koning, Policy Advisor and expert on (migrant) domestic workers, Equality Department, International Trade Union Confederation

Ralph Genetzke, Director of the Brussels Mission, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (moderator)



Watch the extract of the launch event




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