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Interview with PFD co-chair Jorge Balbis, part 2

Does the PFD support you in understanding and explaining how the EU works to your constituents? If so, how?

Normally, people think the EC has lots of power, and it is good to have a better idea of the limits of the Commission.  From the forum, they can understand the complexity, how decisions are made, etc. We do this by bringing new organizations together with EU representatives.

How do you plan to contribute to the PFD and its success ?

All members must come prepared with positions and be dedicated to the agreed ways of working. To achieve this, we need to help different sectors to prepare, to arrive at the meetings with positions on papers - on each agenda item. And simultaneously, sectors and participants should prepare their interventions, developed with input from their constituencies and agreed prior to the meetings. Finally, people must know the forum - we have to spread the word about the PFD. This is  simple but indispensable. We have to dedicate ourselves to spread the meaning and political relevance beyond the people who know the Forum already.

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17 September 2014

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