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Enabling Environment Session at the PFD October 2, 2014

Enabling Environment session 2 October 2014Enabling Environment session 2 October 2014

The Enabling Environment (EE) session started with a panel and then allowed participants to break out by regions and deepen their discussions around the issue. Izabella Toth and Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi co-chaired the session and invited perspectives from all stakeholders. Thomas Hansen of DEVCO B2 talked about one piece of work to advance the EE agenda: the roadmaps being undertaken at country level to enhance citizen's engagement in local and national policy making and implementation.

Cornelius Hacking presented the new Dutch policy with civil society "Dialogue and Dissent" on behalf of the Dutch government. Bernadia Tjandradewi talked about what local authorities in Asia and the Pacific are doing to advance development effectiveness. Daniel Svoboda of Development Worldwide spoke about the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness' Synthesis report on ways forward for donors to support an EE, and Svedalina Rukanova of the European Foundation Centre talked about the code of conduct for International Foundations.

Participants agreed that the Enabling Environment is a shared responsibility and remains an important topic of review and discussion at the PFD and at regional and national levels.  Strengthening links amongst local, regional and global levels is fundamental to advancing progress. Members agreed on the need to deepen knowledge and monitor progress at all levels and by different actors.

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Sara Simon
2 October 2014

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