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A renewed EU strategy 2011-14 for Corporate Social Responsibility

The Commission promotes CSR in the EU and encourages enterprises to adhere to international guidelines and principles. The EU’s policy is built on an agenda for action to support this approach. It includes:

  1. Enhancing the visibility of CSR and disseminating good practices
  2. Improving and tracking levels of trust in business
  3. Improving self and co-regulation processes                                   
  4. Enhancing market rewards for CSR
  5. Improving company disclosure of social and environmental information                                    
  6. Further integrating CSR into education, training, and research
  7. Emphasising the importance of national and sub-national CSR policies
  8. Better aligning European and global approaches to CSR.

To evaluate the CSR strategy, the Commission launched a Pubic Consultation on CSR 2011-2014: achievements, shortcomings, and future challenges in 2014.

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Milena Pirolli
19 November 2015

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