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Pitch-a-Pitch - In the Middle of a Trust Game

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Gunel Huseynova29 May 2018

Pitch-a-Pitch is a fundraising platform for CleanTech start-ups.

Currently, along with existent environmental and social issues people are discouraged to engage into green solutions development for sustainable growth. There is a lack of knowledge into this science and investors cannot find potentially viable projects to support. No any tool currently exists to fill in this gap. Resources allocated for CleanTech projects are currently limited to state funds or support of international organizations. Private investments remain at critically low level.

Our mission is to pave opportunity for green businesses and consumers with their green initiatives. We provide open access to one platform for both investors and idea owners in order to get funding for viable ideas and increase level of green investments in Azerbaijan. At the same time, we support investors by offering unique investment portfolio management tool, that provides personalized most suitable investment portfolio from existing on the platform projects in terms of given data and requested requirements.

Pitch-a-pitch is an online fundraising platform which enables CleanTech projects to accumulate private funds which are vital for independent and sustainable business growth. The platform brings together, businesses, potential investors, civil society and “brains”, able to propose and develop ideas for greening existing and creating new green solutions for public and businesses.

Pitch-a-Pitch is expected to support growth of CleanTech projects in a five-year period by providing access to sell their products and services faster, in a most effective way and with higher level of funds. At the same time, Pitch-a-Pitch will support investors in their green initiatives and provide all support for investors to choose the best portfolio for funding different projects. Matching funds with CleanTech projects allows both parties benefit from participation and create win-win-win situation for all members of partnership, reaching sustainable development and contributing to growth of CleanTech businesses across the globe.


Pitch-a-Pitch is a social entrepreneurship, performing as a hub for engaging investors and ideas onto the one platform, learning and developing towards green future, having a social and environmental impact by sustaining its financial results. Financing sources of the platform for the first six months become investors and creditors, while after that it is expected that the first revenue will be generated from services provided in the amount of 7.5% mark up of the project cost and/or fixed annual membership fee (for investors). Annual expansion plan includes +5 companies/investors as new members from each country and +100 projects/individuals as new members from each country where we penetrate. With this plan, it is expected what after 5-year operation average annual gross profit will comprise US $5,000,000.






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