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  1. Webinar for Beginners: Funding and Tenders Portal

    Implementing Partners will find this webinar interesting. There are demos and presentations of new functionalities which will be deployed in the Funding and Tenders Portal. You can watch the video recording on this dedicated page .
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  2. Video on Demand: OPSYS Introduction and Calls for Publication Webinar

    OPSYS Introduction Watch the video recording of the OPSYS presentation for External Partners by the EC OPSYS Change Management Team. This presentation includes key concepts relevant to implementing partners and contractors. Please click on 'Show External Content' to view the video. The Powerpoint...
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  3. Video Recording of Webinar for External Partners

    OPSYS Change Management Team organised a webinar addressing key concepts for implementing partners, experts and contractors transitioning to the Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal. View Session On Demand Capacity4Dev members can view the video recording of the session and access the...
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  4. OPSYS goes live with SIAE, AUDIT and PSF Frameworks Contracts

    We are happy to announce that new OPSYS features are in production as of Friday 24/01/2020. The management of specific contracts under the SIEA, AUDIT and PSF FWCs can be done only through OPSYS. This is a crucial step to turn OPSYS into reality in the RELEX family. Congratulations to all the team...
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    Former Capacity4dev Member posted Information 28 January 2020